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Behold, Harpocrates!

The researchers of The Order are tireless and diligent in their studies, following tenuous leads across continents, scouring dusty tomes in long-forgotten archives. Risking their very sanity, which was loosely held to begin with, to recover ages-lost artifacts.

After years of research, one such quest has finally succeeded in turning up this treasure: the original photo of Harpocrates in his official ceremonial garb. Occultists and scholars will recognise this image in the far more famous form that The Great Beast assimilated and doctored for his own nefarious aims, but any photographic historian will be able to tell you that that version was clearly tampered with.

The Esoteric Order of Discordian Gentlemen are proud to be able to offer reproductions of this sacred image, so that you may decorate your humble abodes and show your devotion to The Lord Trickster and Sacred Clown. More info…

The God of Silence and Childish Joy

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