Be Pure – T-Shirt (white)


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Master: “I’ve seen that before, I’m sure. Who was it who used to repeat that catchphrase? Give me a clue.”

Archivist: “Well, he was an insane, delusional, right-wing leader.”

M: “That’s not very helpful. Quite a few fit that bill. I’ll need more than that!”

A: “OK, then, he believed he was the reincarnation of other famous historical figures, including one from WW2. He led a crumbling empire and blamed aliens for all their problems, uniting his people in an irrational hatred of others. He used simple slogans to convince and subdue his followers”

M: “Oh come on, he sounds like a comic book villain. Give me something more specific”

A: “He promised to rid his domain of these troublesome aliens in a long running saga, but his plans were repeatedly thwarted by his powerful nemesis. Then it turned out that the aliens were actually very nice once you got to know them”

M: “Aha, that’s it, I’m sure I know now! Is it…?”

A: “Thomas de Torquemada!!!”

M: “Err, that wasn’t who I was thinking of…”

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S (34-36 inch chest), M (38-40 inch chest), L (42-44 inch chest), XL (46-48 inch chest), 2XL (50-52 inch chest), 3XL (54-56 inch chest)


Unisex T-Shirt


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