Forbidden Fruit – T-Shirt


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“God Hates Figs!”, the Archivist said.

“Sorry…what? Are you sure?”, the Master replied.

“Yup. Says it right here. Mark 11: 12-14. Ineffable word of God, apparently.”

“Well, if that’s what it says, that’s what it says. I mean, Eris isn’t keen on hot-dog buns, so, I guess, why not? Pass it on to the golems.”

The Master returned to his thoughts, but couldn’t quite shake the feeling that some people might have mis-read that.

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S (34-36 inch chest), M (38-40 inch chest), L (42-44 inch chest), XL (46-48 inch chest), 2XL (50-52 inch chest), 3XL (54-56 inch chest)


Unisex T-Shirt


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