The forges of “The Esoteric Order of Discordian Gentlemen” cast great shadows and deamonic creatures can be half-seen moving about within them, if one is foolish enough to look. Occasionally, we discover intriguing designs left unhidden, clearly the ravings of a deranged mind.



“I am Harpocrates.
I am The God of Silence and Childish Joy.
I am The Lord Trickster and Sacred Clown.
I am The Wearer of The Golden Wig, The Player of The Harp At The Edge Of Your Dreams, The Honker of Horns, The Bringer of Mirth and Merriment.
I am all these things and many more.”

Harpo Marx has long been considered by Discordians as an avatar of Harpocrates. The Trickster and Sacred Clown would hardly let the opportunity to address an acute case of Mageitis slip past without retort.

We have put this delightfully ludicrous homage to our Patron Saint of Silliness up on Redbubble, where you can pick it up in a whole barrage of loot options, including:

  • Art Prints, on canvas, art board or framed.
  • Greetings Card, Post card and Spiral notebook.
  • T-Shirts
  • Throw Pillow
  • Tote bag
  • And many more!



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