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Chao(s) go Mu

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The Researchers of the Esoteric Order of Discordian Gentlemen travel far and wide on their quest to unearth occult knowledge and obscure  legends.

One such expedition was dispatched to investigate tales of mysterious beasts, roaming the landscape and braying to each other in an eldritch tongue.

Some of the locals claim that they are cows, others disagree. Nevertheless, after sightings of a bright light in a darkened field, the beasts returned…. changed.

Whether the change was for better or worse, we cannot say, however the rumours are that it was Justified.

Regardless, the “cows” continue to go from strength to strength, untroubled by their experience, and while our team have procured an ice cream van with which to continue their observations, the general advice is to treat such produce with caution.

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